Representative Payee Program



The Representative Payee Program offers financial management assistance to individuals that are unable to manage their own funds due to physical or mental impairment.

The Social Security Administration usually looks for a Representative Payee among beneficiary’s family or friends. For a small segment of the population the traditionally network of support is not available and the SSA relies on state, local or community resources to fill the need.

The Representative Payee Program ensures that benefit payments are used for basic needs, which provides the beneficiary with a more stable environment.

A caring representative payee can help motivate many beneficiaries to work toward more independent living. 

If I know someone who needs a Representative Payee, what can I do?

Call your local Social Security Office and request that the Center for Child and Family Services be assigned as the beneficiary’s representative payee or call the Center’s Consumer Credit Counseling Service at 
(757) 826-2227.


2021 Cunningham Drive, Suite 400, Hampton, VA 23666  (757) 826-2227